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At Spineplus Clinic Chigwell we love to help as much as we can, so we have created a number of FREE help guides to aid in recovery, build muscle, stability and prevent injuries. We publish these guides based on requests from patients, common issues that we see in clinic and perhaps seasonal issues that may arise.

These guides aren’t provided with the intention to prevent you from seeing a healthcare professional. If you have an injury or musculoskeletal disorder these guides are provided to give you support and advice on things such as non life threatening exercises that can assist by preventing further or reoccurrence.

Please remember that is you have an injury and if simple home remedies have not helped in the short term, then please consult a healthcare professional as soon as you possibly can.

Remember you really don’t have to suffer, call Today, get assessed by one of our team of specialists and get on the road to recovery with one of the he United Kingdom’s finest treatment teams.

With Spineplus Your in Safe Hands!

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